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Are your partnerships successful?

If you’ve been a business leader for more than a few years, you know how critical partnerships are to the success of your organization.

The problem is, you're juggling so many different partnerships - your Board, your Suppliers, your Staff, your Affiliates and Associations - that you're overwhelmed and unsure whether or not your partnerships are even working.

The Value-Based Partnership Principles will change all of that!

Learn new skills for building value-based partnerships.

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Smart organizations create value-based partnerships.

Finding the right partner can be a little like jumping into the dating scene. You're not sure if they like you and need you, or what you might accomplish together. Just that they look good... on paper. But without a strategy or a process for quick and strategic decision making, you'll be spinning your wheels and wondering if its a match made in heaven or destined for divorce.

So, how do you develop partnerships that will actually move your business and causes forward?


Shared Purpose

The partners must have a shared goal, vision or purpose that they are collectively working towards.

Better Together

Both partners must believe that they can reach this goal more efficiently and effectively by working together.

Impact on Priorities

The partnership must have a direct impact on current or emerging strategic priorities for both partners.

Do your partnerships meet the critical criteria?

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Partnerships built to serve, not just last.

Like any marriage or merger, partnerships can be immensely rewarding and impactful - and they can also be really difficult to manage! At the highest level we know that partnerships are about: purpose, people and power - and how the three intertwine. In a Value-Based Partnering we focus on putting purpose before people, and people before power, to maximize results.

Using the VBP Principles for partnering ensures that you address the preparation (input), performance (process) and the results (outcomes) of each partnership.


Simplified Governance

Too many partnerships try to use policies and paper to manage relationships and results. Good governance is kept simple and developed first to support the purpose of the partnership.

Access to Greater Resources

Your partnerships will be able to meet their objectives better and faster when you have the financial, human and material resources you want, before you actually need them.

Increased Engagement

You can’t improve the performance of partners who aren’t fully engaged. The key to engagement is ensuring that your partners’ priorities are being met at the right time, in the right way.

Better Decision Making

Changing organizational contexts and access to resources can influence the timing and intensity of important decisions. Develop the resilience and adaptability to respond to this high pressure environment.

Stronger Leadership

The ever-changing and competing priorities will put any leader to the test. Don’t assume they naturally know how to partner. These are complexities they don’t teach you about in business school.

Knowing When to Let Go

Contracts, lack of experience and fear can keep you from ending partnerships, even when they’ve become an expense.  Proactively dissolving partnerships can help maintain relationships and free up scarce resources.